Proper Grooming Of Your Dogs

Proper Grooming Of Your Dogs - OrthoRug Australia

Do you share your home with a furry canine or feline friend?

They become integral parts of our families, deserving of the same care and attention we give to our human family members to ensure they're healthy and well-groomed.

There's a plethora of pet grooming salons available where your dogs and cats can receive professional grooming services. Owners of these establishments often provide essential home grooming tips and advice for pet owners, enabling them to personally address their pets' grooming needs. Give Your Dog a Stylish Makeover

Dogs are naturally adventurous creatures. Their curiosity leads them to explore various areas of the house, the backyard, and sometimes even the streets. This exploration often results in them acquiring a variety of smells (some less pleasant), stained fur, and attracting different parasites that can cause itching.


Maintaining good hygiene practices, akin to those for humans, is fundamental in dog grooming. It's crucial to provide your dog with a quality bathing experience. Here are some tips to help you achieve that.

• Ready the bathtub and gather all the supplies you'll need to bathe your dog. Ensure the bathroom environment is warm and inviting to encourage your dog to bathe. Collect all necessary items, including dog shampoo, a bucket, a towel, and a hairdryer, before bringing your dog into the bathroom.

• Once you've prepared the bath supplies, bring your dog into the bathroom. Make them feel comfortable and at ease while you wait for the water to reach a temperature that's comfortable for them.

• You can bathe your dog in the tub using a bucket to pour water over their body, or use a hose with a sprayer attachment.

• Consider using medicated dog shampoos to combat fleas and ticks. Shampoos with a pleasant fragrance and formulated for your dog's sensitive skin can also be beneficial.

• Important note: Avoid using dish soaps or human shampoo as these can cause painful skin irritations for your dog. If you're uncertain about suitable dog shampoos and soaps, consult your veterinarian.

• After thoroughly wetting your dog's body, apply the shampoo, taking care to avoid their eyes. Gently massage the shampoo into their coat, then rinse thoroughly with water.

• Start the drying process with a towel, paying special attention to their paws. Ensure their ears are dry as retained moisture can lead to a buildup of wax and bacteria, potentially causing ear infections.

• Use a hairdryer set to a medium heat level, keeping it at least six inches away from your dog's fur to avoid burns. Continue drying until their fur is mostly dry, then brush through their fur as you dry it to style it.