4 Benefits of Memory Foam Dog Beds

4 Benefits of Memory Foam Dog Beds

The average dog spends a whopping 14 hours per day sleeping. In fact, dogs spend more than half their lives dozing off. Memory foam forms to your pet’s body, helping to relieve pressure from achy muscles or joints. Here are some of the key benefits of memory foam dog beds:

1. Joint Support for Older Dogs

Many senior dogs suffer from joint pain, arthritis, and other orthopedic issues. Memory foam dog beds, like the OrthoRug Luxury Orthopedic Bed , will minimize these issues by allowing the muscles and joints to rest in their natural position.

2. Improve A Dog's Health

Dogs of any age will face stress on their bones, muscles, and joints. A memory foam dog bed can help improve a dog's overall health and mobility by eliminating pressure on certain points of the body. When you relive this pressure, it allows better blood flow for those areas.

3. A Spot To Rest

Dogs are creatures that instinctively search for safe places to call their own. With a soft memory foam orthopedic dog bed a dog can have a cozy spot for them to rest throughout the day and sleep in at night that they can call their own. 

4. Superior Comfort

It's never too early or late to heal chronic pain in your dog. Senior dogs commonly suffer from arthritis and other issues, but even young, healthy pups can experience body aches, and can greatly benefit from the preventative care for joint pain provided by pressure-relieving memory foam.